At the SAARC Passport Agency, we are working on creating a faster way to apply for a passport. Ideally, you would have to travel to a passport office to get information, and the right applications to begin the application process. We created a list of applications you can download and fill out to save you the time, energy and an unnecessary trip.

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is the regionalintergovernmental organization and geopolitical union of states including Afghanistan,Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, in South Asia. SAARCPassport agency has a lot of connections between these countries and helps people getpassports and visas to travel between them. The SAARC Secretariat is supported by regionalcentres established within member states to promote co-operation. They are managed byGoverning boards that include representatives from all member States, SAARCSecretary-General and the Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs of the host Government.

What are the various passports provided to people who apply through the SAARC Passport agency?

Most of the people who apply for their passports would receive a general one, however, there are exceptions. Delegates are allowed to apply for a delegate passport and this would be provided in a lot less time than the general ones. In the same way, there are VIP passports as well that could be applied for. These are however the exceptions and most of the people applying to have to go with a general passport.

What are the benefits of using the MRP Passport website?

The MRP passport website allows people to apply for passports from any of the countries that are part of the SAARC. Additionally, this is done without people even leaving their homes. The website provides all the required forms and documents that are needed to be filled out. Furthermore, they have uploaded all the supporting documents that applicants would have to collect before they can complete the process.

Travelling to the passport office is not always as easy a process as it might seem. Applicants would have to work within their schedules, this also means that they would have to clear their appointments for the same. Furthermore, they would need a lot more than one appointment since they would first have to get the forms, then submit them and receive an appointment. This would be the third trip that they would have to make to the office, where they would have their photographs and biometrics taken.

If the entire passport application process was being handled through the website, it would only take one trip to the office. All the forms can be downloaded through the website and so can a list of the supporting documents. Applicants can gather all the information they would need at their end and submit everything by uploading it to the website. They would then have to head to the office for only the minor tasks of biometrics and photographs. This makes the entire process that much easier and forces people who were initially staying away from the process because of the hassles to finally get their passports.

What are some of the passports, applicants can apply for through the SAARC Passport agency?

Bangladeshi passports are issued to people who are citizens, either by birth or descent, by the Government of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh or any of its overseas missions. They have three types of passports you can apply for, An ordinary international passport, an Official passport, or a Diplomatic passport.

Unlike most places, Nepal has passports that are machine read and made of plastic. This implies that the passport creation process is a little tedious. Only people who are citizens of Nepal can apply for a passport from here. If you are not a citizen of Nepal, you could stay there long enough to register to be a citizen and then apply for a passport. Like most places, there are multiple versions of the passport, the most common being the general one. The other passports issued are the official ones which are not distributed commonly.

People can get a visa for Sri Lanka quite easily but they would have to work a little harder for their passports. Sri Lanka has rules about registering to become a citizen so that they can receive their passports. With the new rule taking effect, applicants would also have to submit digital signatures, photographs and biometrics. This can be done by getting in touch with one of the many affiliated photograph booths throughout the country.

The process for a passport in any of the other places would fall under similar rules. If the applicant is not a citizen of the country by birth, they would have to apply for their citizenship. Additionally, they would have to submit all their supporting documents in their first attempt if they wanted the process to move any faster. With a majority of the countries under the SAARC using machine-readable passports, the entire operation of getting passports illegally was now a lot tougher.

What are the various details that applicants could receive through the website?

The website is a great place to gather all the information needed for a passport application process, across any of the countries connected to the SAARC Passport Agency. Other than gathering all the forms needed for an individual passport process, the site also provides people with a list of supporting documents relating to the process.

There are contact details mentioned on the website so applicants can get assistance whenever they need it, concerning their website. Overall, the website has one main task and that is to make sure the passport application process goes through smoothly.

SAARC visa exemption scheme

This was a scheme launched in 1992 for the sake of bettering the relations between many of the countries in the SAARC. It stated that some individuals falling under a certain category of dignitaries were entitled to a special travel document. This document would exempt them from visas when travelling around the SAARC. others.

The documentation you need

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