Check out the new Bangladeshi MRP passport

Check out the new Bangladeshi MRP passport

The Bangladeshi passport also referred to as the MRP, stands for machine read passport. It comes from the fact that the country was, until recently still issuing handwritten passports. In 2010, Bangladesh called back and upgraded 6.6 million passports from the handwritten ones to machine read passports. They even went a step further and forced their citizens to upgrade their passports. Statistically speaking, the country should have more than seven million passports printed and out in the public. A Bangladeshi passport allows holders to travel to any part of the word, excluding Isreal, not directly connected to Bangladesh.

If you are applying for a passport from another country and have the right to have one, the process usually takes a couple of weeks. You should get it in five to eight weeks depending on the distance and since they have to be processed from Dhaka.

If you are looking to upgrade your passport from a printed one to a machine readable one, here are the steps that you would need to handle.

  1. You have to provide a filled-in MRP Online Application Form, with the printed bar code on it.
  2. After submitting the Online Appointment for MRP, give them your biometric data, which are your finger prints.
  3. Hand over one recent passport size photograph, making sure it matches the requirements for the passport since each passport or visa application have their own specifications.
  4. Provide them one set photocopy of existing valid Bangladesh Passport (1-5 page for hand written and 1-2 page for MRP) and original valid Bangladesh Passport.
  5. Include a photocopy of applicant’s National ID Card or Digital Birth Certificate, including the 17-digit number.
  6. If you are looking for a student discount, submite a copy of a valid Student ID card, and show them the original.
  7. You have to show them some proof of payment to the Embassy Bank Account [Copy of Bank transfer slip/Überweisung Euro 110,- normal; Euro 35,- for student discount only for college and university student] for proof that it was done.

Double check to make sure all the information submitted is correct and up to date so there aren’t any issues at a later stage, where they are rejected and you have to start the processall over again.

This inforation has been gathered and compiled by MRP Passport.