Creating a Bangladeshi Passport is not the toughest thing you have done

Creating a Bangladeshi Passport is not the toughest thing you have done

Let’s begin with a lesser known fact about the Bangladeshi passport. It was one of the few countries still issuing hand written passports while the rest of the world moved on, and finally in 2010, the Government exchanged 6.6 million passports with the new machine-read passports. They stated that all traditional passports would be withdrawn by 2015 and replaced by machine read passports, or rendered inactive or unusable.

Bangladeshi passports are printed in both English and Bangla, which is a Bengali language. Since passports have all the identification of users, their personal and family details are usually mentioned on them, along with their travel history and other information.

According to Passport index, a free online interactive tool that rates passports, the 2017 statistic showed Singapore as the first Asian country to top the list, while Germany a close second, followed by Sweden and South Korea in third. On the flipside, India ranked 75, Nepal 89 and Pakistan 93. Bangaladesh on the other hand ranked 90th.

The process of creating a passport is just like any other. After filling out the application form, (downloadable here), applicants have to wait to get a date for their appointment. The forms have to be downloaded, printed and filled in hard copy since there are no provisions for online uploading of passport forms at the moment.

They would then have to provide supporting documentation to match the information provided in their application form. After getting their biometrics information gathered, they would be given about a fortnight to for their passport to be prepared. The fees that have to be paid would have to vary based on the type of passport being applied for. If you are applying for an immediate passport, you have to pay a higher amount to get one sooner. Otherwise, the default amount of BDT 3,450 with does not include VAT. It would either be delivered to them or they might have to come to the office to collect it.

A Bangladeshi passport is valid in every country of the world, except Israel, since there is no political treaty between the two countries.

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