Why should you travel to Bangladesh?

Why should you travel to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh was not always the free country it is today. The people reached out and took their freedom from Pakistan in the Bangladesh war of liberation of 1971. The current borders of Bangladesh came about through the partition of Bengal, internal squabbles and political unrest. Unfortunately, immediately after independence, the area went through tough times of famine, poverty, and natural disasters, not forgetting military coups and political turmoil. The restoration of democracy toward the turn of the century, managed to create a calm country, going through rapid expansion, and leading as textile manufacturers.

Several centuries in the past, Bangladesh was known for the largest population of Hinduism and Buddhism. However, with the coming of the Sunni missionaries, Islam started playing a larger role. This is relevant and an amazing mark on their culture, with a lot of remnants of these religions still around to this date. Some of the more prominent ones are the Dhaka landmark, Lalbagh Fort, which was put up during the reign of Aurangzeb. Not forgetting the Ahsan Manzil, which was a palace that the Nawabs of Dhaka stayed at.

Having a lot to offer and show for, it makes sense for people to head on down there and enjoy everything that this beautiful land has to show you. There are two main reasons why any one would want a Bangladeshi passport.

  1. They don’t have a passport but have the right to ask for one
  2. They descend from Bangladeshi parents

This passport is valid for travel in all countries of the world except Israel since there are no diplomatic relations there.

The process of gathering a passport is quite simple. Unlike most passport processes, you have to get an appointment before you begin. Fill the online application form, and submit it to get an appointment. Pay attention to the documents needed, to make sure you have everything. At the appointment, submit all the supporting documentation and provide your biometric details. You would then be informed about the fees, submission time, and when they would deliver it. All you have to do then is sit tight and it will arrive, or they might ask you to collect it, depending on your address.

For more detailed steps on the process, check out the link here. This information has been gathered by MRP passport.